Contacting me is the best way to get accurate quotes. 

Payment is required upon booking (excluding weddings) to hold your day. Orders cancelled 2 weeks before booking day will receive a 50% refund. Cancellations less than two weeks prior to booking day will not be refunded. 



Mini-Cakes (serves 6-8) 

Beginning price: $35

4" round, 3 layer, filling included 

Smash Cakes (serves 6-8) 

Beginning price: $30

4" round, 3 layer, no filling

Statement cakes 

6" round beginning price: $55 (serves  10-12)  

  • available in tall (additional $5) 

  • filling available for $10

8" round beginning price: $65  (serves 14 dessert servings or 28 wedding servings)  

  • available in tall (additional $5) 

  • filling available for $15

10" round beginning price: $75 (serves 21 dessert servings or 42 wedding servings)​

  • filling available for $20

12" round beginning price: $85 (serves 28 dessert servings or 56 wedding servings) ​

  • filling available for $25

Sheet cakes (serves 40/half sheet, 80/full sheet) 

Beginning price: $65 (half sheet) $140 (full sheet) 

Tiered cakes (up to 5 tiers)

 available in 4", 6", 8", 10" and 12"



Standard size: starting at $30/dozen
Mini size: starting at $20/dozen

Mini-Cupcakes have a 2 dozen minimum order. 

They can include a filling for $5.


Standard Cupcakes can be made in any of the available cake flavor options; base price includes any of the fillings or buttercream (excluding Whipped Cream or Lemon Mascarpone). 

  • filling added for $10 per dozen 

  • signature and most custom decoration included. Extra fee will apply for special order toppers, flowers, sprinkles, customer liners, or fondant accents. 

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  • Pricing

    • $25/dozen for stocked holiday designs 

    • $30/dozen for custom designs 

    • $35/dozen for gluten or dairy free

    • $35/dozen for gender reveal sets

  • custom pop flavors

    •  vanilla, vanilla bean, chocolate, funfetti, red velvet, lemon, marble

  • coat options: Mercken's candy coating (various designs) or Enjoy Life Chocolate for dietary restrictions


To store, keep in the freezer ONLY. No fridge. Bring out to room temperature to thaw for a couple hours before eating- or just enjoy frozen! Cake pops stay fresh in the freezer for up to 6 weeks.